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COVID-19: A Note to Alberta Restaurants & Food Services!

Since the first case of COVID-19 was announced in our beautiful province of Alberta, restaurants and the food industry in general, have been deeply affected in numerous ways. We have received word from our partnering restaurants with everything from half closures (open for delivery and pick-up) to shutting their doors indefinitely, and everything in between. We fear for the small businesses out there, and are committed to doing everything in our power to keep local restaurants and food services alive and thriving! At ECO DINE we offer our partners free advertising and cross-marketing opportunities, and given these uncertain times, we are enthusiastic about being a large part of what keeps these small businesses afloat, including when businesses start to reopen again. We hope our partners take advantage of this, whether they are open for business as usual, so we can get the word out, introducing deliveries, take out menus, and pickups into their routine, or the advertising of their re-opening when that time comes. ECO DINE wants to come out of this together and stronger than ever! We are genuinely passionate about the success of our partners and are prepared to help any way we are able! During this time of extreme crisis for the restaurant and foodservice industry we would like to open up our free advertising program to all restaurants, whether they are partnered with ECO DINE or not. We believe in supporting local businesses, our community, and ensuring everyone comes out of this with as little impact as possible! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more details on how to take advantage of our free advertising program!

Let’s develop a sense of solidarity and unite, supporting each other in these difficult times and overcoming adversity as the strong community we are! Be well, be kind, and support local! Warmest regards, The ECO DINE Team  587-897-3463

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