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Here at ECO DINE we provide you with an effortless, worry-free, and reliable service; taking the hassle out of your used cooking oil recycling.

ECO DINE is proud to be the cleanest service provider in our industry! We wipe down our bins and clean the area upon every oil pick up, to ensure your space is always clean. With our 24/7-365 emergency services we can always be reached for free emergency spill or mess clean up; we are just a phone call away! Any stains left behind by your previous service providers will be cleaned from your asphalt or concrete free of charge. Cleanliness is part of our brand, and it is our number one priority, plus our promise to you! 


We give value back to our partners as a thank you for being eco-friendly and recycling:

  • Rebate cheques, which is money back in your pocket, just for recycling your waste oil;

  • You can also choose to donate your rebate to our partners The Boys and Girls Club, and/or Havens Way Foundation;

  • Free advertising and cross marketing opportunities, proven to get more foot traffic through your door;

  • Discounted rates on grease trap cleanings, promised cheapest in the area, conveniently being your one stop shop;

  • Volunteer opportunities to all our establishments, advertising your involvement throughout our social media outlets;

  • Rental space vacancy advertisements for our property management partners;

  • And much much more.

Our state of the art equipment is able to pick up in all weather conditions. After monitoring your oil output we place you on your own personalized pick up schedule to suit your specific needs, that way your used cooking oil is always picked up in an efficient timely manner. Unlike our competitors we use a hose method for your oil collection, that way we do not have to pick up the receptacles off the ground. With this method there is no risk for mess and splatter on your property, and bins can be placed conveniently where ever you prefer them to be located.

Our staff are experienced friendly professionals, and are covered under the Workers Compensation Board (WCB). We are fully insured to protect all parties should an accident, oil spill, or damage occur while we are servicing your oil collection needs.

We are constantly improving our focuses on our customer service, quality and integrity.


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