ECO DINE is a subsidiary of Organo Energy Inc.


Here at ECO DINE we strive to establish ourselves as the local leader for worry-free used cooking oil collection services for Calgary and the surrounding areas. We are a zero waste, local recycling company providing a 100% free, clean, reliable and aesthetically pleasing service of recycling your used cooking oil waste.


 At ECO DINE we want to thank you for being eco-friendly and recycling, so we offer you value to thank you with several different value options for you and your establishment. We are constantly improving our focuses on our customer service, quality and integrity.

At ECO DINE the raw materials that we collect from our partnering establishments are refined at our facility into useful products where we are able to support the Alberta industry of agriculture and enhance the sustainability of our food chain and its supply.


Our product is also used in the renewable energy sector of biofuels that helps in reducing environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike our competitors we proudly keep our product local, we see the used cooking oil as a local resource that should benefit the area and stay in Alberta.

We also pride ourselves in social responsibility and strive to build our community and watch it prosper. With our partners The Boys and Girls Club we offer volunteer opportunities to our restaurants and chefs, who will be publicly recognized for their volunteered time.


We are constantly striving to better the quality of life and the standard of living for individuals around us each and every day. Our community is important to us!Giving back to our community, whether it be through various social programs or by ensuring

that the world of tomorrow is a greener one,

ECO DINE strives to make Calgary and areas a cleaner and stronger community.

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