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All our containment units are provided free of charge, including exchanges for any reason. Our receptacles are made of 100% recycled material, keeping our zero waste promise. We provide you with different size options to fit the unique needs of your space. Our bins are weather tested for both hot and cold temperatures from -45 to +45 Celsius, to accommodate Alberta’s ever changing temperatures. All containers are scent proof so odours do not disturb your business, as well as have a spill and splash safety, to ensure the cleanliness of your area.  Our 24/7 – 365 emergency contact number is conveniently put on the bin for all of your service needs. Custom or metal bins can be made upon request.


This containment unit holds 50 gallons of used cooking oil waste. This receptacles small size fits conveniently in most spaces. Perfect for a restaurant with limited space, or that doesn’t produce a lot of used cooking oil.

Specs: 29”W x 38”H x 29”L


This containment unit holds 200 gallons of used cooking oil; great for restaurants who produce a large amount of waste oil.

Specs: 43”W x 43”H x 53”H


This indoor containment unit holds 45 gallons of used cooking oil waste. This receptacle has the ability to easily fit under standard commercial kitchen counters. The lid completely seals on this container to prevent any accidental spills or odours. The four case iron wheels are to easily manoeuvre the bin, and also have locking functions. This container is perfect for food courts and restaurants that do not have easy access to an outdoor bin.

*Please note charges may apply for this containment unit as we do not make them in house.

Specs: 18”W x 32”H x 28”L


We are able to service Moloks! ECO DINE even offers a Molok cleaning service, for not only your grease Molok, but for the cleaning of the garbage and recycling units as well.

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