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I really appreciate all the support that you've shown all these years! 
Virginia Borges
Managing Director

We offer value back to you as a thank you for being eco-friendly and recycling. This comes in the form of market competitive rebate cheques, discounted rates on your grease trap cleanings, free advertising/ cross marketing opportunities, as well as chances to volunteer with our at risk youth programs.

24 hours Service

We provide you with a 24/7 emergency contact number for your convenience. We are available to address your concerns, or handle any emergency services (spills, pickups, etc.), at all times of day. We are just a phone call away! On top of that, you will never be sent to a call center, and you will likely know the person on the other end of the phone.


Proudly a zero waste company, from our product to our receptacles.

100% FREE

Free oil collection for all our valued partners.

Upon every oil pick up, part of our standard service is we thoroughly clean your containment units, and the area around them. Any mess left behind by your previous service provider will be cleaned free of charge, along with any accidental spills or messes that happen inside or outside your facility at any time. Cleanliness is our number one priority and our promise to you!

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ECO DINE offers discounted pricing on grease trap cleanings for all restaurant partners. Make us your "one stop shop" for all your grease service needs. Contact us today to get your grease trap price quote.

ECO DINE protects our valued partners by ensuring our staff is covered under WCB. Our company is fully covered under liability insurance. Proof of WCB and/or a certificate of insurance with your business as the certificate holder are available upon request.


Established in Calgary, servicing our beautiful city and the surrounding areas. Proudly keeping our product Alberta local.

Our Partners


Across our beautiful city and the surrounding areas, ECO DINE has enthusiastically serviced restaurants/ bars, property managements, small-businesses, malls, casinos, educational facilities, and many more oil producing establishments. We thank all our clients for their partnership and support in ECO DINE; and our hopes are to be much more than just one of your recycling service providers! We would not be where we are today without you! Please find above delicious creations from our beloved partners, highlighted through out our Instagram!”




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